Stocking Stuffers For Babies On Their First Christmas!

You may not think so at first, but it can be so difficult to find the perfect stocking stuffers for babies! It has to be small enough to fit in a stocking BUT it also has to be big enough not to be a choking hazard for Baby.

Here you will find great ideas for stuffing your baby’s stocking! Filling a stocking for your baby is such a fun tradition to start on your baby’s first Christmas!

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Bath Toys

Fill Baby’s stocking with bath toys! These bubble bath toys float and have a lot of movement to stimulate your baby’s senses! Bath toys are the perfect stocking stuffers for babies who love to splish splash!


baby's first stocking stuffers, bubble bath toys



Pacifiers are a great stocking stuffers for babies who take them. They fit in the stocking perfectly! These are the only pacifiers my baby would take, what brand is your baby’s favorite?

stocking stuffers for babies, blue pacifiers


Your baby can never have too many books! Stuff your baby’s stocking with small board books like these! 

stocking stuffers for Baby, set of small board books


When it comes to stocking stuffers for babies, there is one thing that will work now that probably won’t when they are older. On Baby’s first Christmas they will have tiny shoes and clothes! Stuff Baby’s stocking with a new pair of shoes or roll up a few little onesies!

stocking stuffers for baby's, black baby shoes with velcro straps

Baby Food

Stuff your baby’s stocking with snacks! Fill it with Goldfish, Cheerios, or pouches like these! Your baby will love pulling their favorite foods out of their stocking on Christmas morning!baby food pouches, stocking stuffers for babies


Any baby will be happy if their stocking is stuffed with toys! You can stuff younger baby’s stockings with rattles and fill older baby’s stockings with blocks!

blocks for stuffing baby's stocking

Practical Gifts

The best stocking stuffers for babies are the ones that make Baby AND Mom happy! Fill their stocking with their first toothbrush, a silverware set, shampoo, etc.

baby's first toothbrush stocking stuffer

Stuffed Animal

Stuff your baby’s stocking with a special stuffed animal to commemorate their very first Christmas! This Rudolf toy has lights and music that your baby will love!

stocking stuffers for babies, rudolf stuffed animal


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I hope you found the perfect stocking stuffers for Baby! Looking for more gifts for Baby’s first Christmas? Find a complete gift list here, including options for every age and budget! 


stocking stuffers for babies