Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With A Toddler

Your once pristine home is now cluttered with toys and littered with crumbs. The baby who could barely sit up, is now a toddler tornado, leaving destruction in his path. It may not seem like it when you have a rambunctious little one, but it IS possible to manage the state of your home if you follow these tips for keeping your house clean with a toddler.


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Clean As You Go

For me, this is the most important tip for keeping your house clean with a toddler. Managing the mess is actually much easier than letting it get worse before you take action.

Artie has a play area in basically every room of our house, so if I didn’t clean as I go, there wouldn’t be anywhere to go. Before we move from one room to the other, I always do a quick sweep of the room, picking up any stray toys and putting them back in their place.

I also do a quick pick up when he is in his highchair for lunch and dinner, right before he goes to sleep. That way, when he wakes up we have a fresh start!

Keep Up With Daily Tasks

This one is the most difficult for me… there are some days I just don’t feel like doing laundry! On the other hand, I know I will regret it if I let it pile up. There is nothing worse than overflowing laundry baskets and a sink full of dishes.

Have you ever noticed how much more organized a room looks when the bed is made? I make my bed EVERY day, even if everything else is a mess, the bed being made makes a difference.

Keeping up with dishes, laundry, and making the bed daily will help your home feel cleaner and will keep you from falling behind.

Use Storage That Blends In

If you have toys in every room, like me, you probably don’t want to store them in a plastic Paw Patrol toy box. You can find more attractive options like these storage bins.

Another option is a storage bench, like this. We have one in our living room and it hides Artie’s toys without visitors knowing they are there. It blends right in with the rest of our furniture.

Keep Wipes In Every Room

Toddlers come with an endless supply of spills, leaks, and crumbs (more on crumbs later!). These tiny messes can add up quickly if you don’t tackle them right away.

There isn’t a room in my house that doesn’t have a pack of wipes. I keep them everywhere so I am always prepared for when Artie makes a mess.

Toddlers make messes and they also like to play in the mess. As toddler moms we have to be quick, otherwise we will have a mess AND a toddler covered in the mess! Having wipes on hand can help prevent that!

I love Pampers Pure wipes. They are 99% water and aren’t too dry like other wipes I have tried. I can clean most messes with just one wipe!

Teach Your Toddler How To Help

As our little ones get older they become more independent and capable of helping out around the house. Our kiddos are eager to do what they see us do. They can easily learn how to clean spills and pick up after themselves by watching us.

Teach them to throw away their trash when they finish a snack, or if they see something on the floor. Artie loves throwing away trash and it helps me keep the house clean!

Do Not Get A Ball Pit

If you get your toddler a ball pit, there will be balls everywhere. Ideally your toddler will stay in the ball pit, and the balls will too, but that is highly unlikely.

My son’s favorite thing to do is knock over his ball pit, spilling the balls all over our living room. He also enjoys throwing the balls out of the pit, hiding the balls all over the house, just in general making a huge mess. So my advice is: no ball pit.

Get Out Of The House

I get out of the house with Artie every chance I get. Toddlers can’t make a mess in your house if you get them out of your house!

Get outside, go to a park, or visit your local museum. My son seems much happier on days we get out of the house and takes much better naps. You can find fun ideas for outings with your toddler here!

Fight The Crumbs!

Having a toddler is the beginning of a never-ending war with crumbs! Toddlers love cookies, crackers, and chips… all of which make huge crumbly messes.
Whether you keep your toddler in their highchair or let them carry those crackers all over the house, there will be crumbs, there is no way to avoid it. Here are some ways I have had success fighting the crumbs!


We have hardwood floors so EVERY crumb shows up, versus carpet which is a little more forgiving. After months of daily vacuuming, we finally invested in a Roomba!

Instead of pulling out the vacuum I just push a button and the crumbs are gone! This one was a game changer in our house and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with hardwood floors.

I run our Roomba every day and never have to worry about crumbs on the floor.


The handheld dustbuster is PERFECT for cleaning crumbs out of the highchair, carseat, and couch. Any small space those little crumbs can squeeze into can be sucked out instantly with your dusbuster!


These rubber bibs with crumbcatchers are a MUST HAVE for all toddler moms! They catch the crumbs and are so easy to clean! These are the only kind of bibs I buy now.

I hope these tips for keeping your house clean with a toddler help bring a little organization and sanity back into your home. Cleaning with a toddler can be tough but sticking to these tips has helped us maintain our mess!

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