Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

Every Christmas we choose a beautiful tree to decorate and line the rails of our porch with lights. I love the feeling of seeing our home twinkling with the spirit of Christmas! This year I’ve decided it’s time to turn things up a notch! I have searched high and low for the PERFECT Christmas decorations. I want our home to be the Santa in a neighborhood full of elves! Looking for ways to make your home stand out this Christmas? These unique Christmas decoration ideas are sure to get the job done!


Oversized Ornaments

I absolutely love these oversized Christmas ornaments! The largest option is a little larger than a basketball and are available several color options. There are so many different ways to decorate the outside of your home with these gorgeous ornaments. These oversized ornaments can be hung or placed anywhere inside or outside of your home! They are plastic so you don’t have to worry about them shattering like the typical glass ornaments.  I would love to see how you decorate your home with these oversized ornaments!

oversized christmas ornament

Inflatable Gingerbread House

Whether it’s for eating or decorating I absolutely love everything gingerbread! This 6 foot inflatable gingerbread house with Santa and Christmas tree will make the perfect addition to your lawn this Christmas!

gingerbread house, unique Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas Gift Boxes With Lights

These Christmas gift boxes can be used inside or outside your home. The twinkling lights will make sure no one misses out on the beauty of these gorgeous Christmas decorations!

Christmas gift boxes, unique Christmas decoration ideas


Choose this set of two tin nutcrackers to guard your front door this Christmas!

tin nutcrackers, unique Christmas decoration ideas

Candy Canes

Light up your entry way with these beautiful, outdoor candy canes! These Christmas decorations are waterproof and have eight different light settings to choose from! Depending on the length of your walkway you may need two of these ten packs.

candy canes, unique Christmas decoration ideas


One of my favorites among the many unique Christmas decoration ideas, this little snowman sitting on a snowball is absolutely adorable! Add a little cuteness to your front porch this Christmas!

snowman sitting on a snowball

Christmas Tree

This 7 foot Christmas tree is perfect for indoors or outdoors. It’s completely bare so you can customize and decorate your tree however you like!

Christmas tree, unique Christmas decoration ideas


The cost of these snowflakes can add up quickly but they are absolutely gorgeous! They are high quality, large snowflakes, at 20″ with 70 LED lights in each snowflake!

snowflake with LED lights


Add a warm, vintage feel to your Christmas decor! I love the look of lanterns hanging around the holidays and the color of this lantern is perfect for Christmas!

lanter, unique Christmas decoration ideas


No home is considered fully decorated without this classic! Greet your guests by hanging a beautiful wreath on your front door!

wreath, unique Christmas gift ideas



I hope you found the perfect fit among these unique Christmas decoration ideas!


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unique Christmas decoration ideas